About No Mo “O”

Instant Stain and Odor Remover

Thank you for visiting our website! I can’t tell you how excited and grateful we are that you are interested in No Mo “O”. You are exactly who we were not long ago, looking for a product that REALLY works for urine problems. We all know that while it is a very real and universal thing, IT IS a big problem! So when we couldn’t find a good solution, we came up with No Mo “O”.

The good news is your search can end here! You have just happened upon the best product (certainly in our opinion), for urine and many other stain and odor problems. Our quest began while looking for a reasonably priced product to help with the odors and stains associated with my 85 year-old Dad’s incontinence. The stench and stains became overwhelming, and understandably so, to my mother who was my Dad’s main caretaker.

Through a lot of research and work, I developed No Mo “O” which eliminate the stains and odors associated with urine. My Mother, Renee (pronounced Rinee), was ecstatic about No Mo “O” and inspired me to develop our character “Urinee” who yells out “YIPPEEE!!!!” We advertise with the slogan: Urinee says, “When you’re in urine, get ya some No Mo “O”!”

The best part about No Mo “O” is it works on many other stain and odor problems. We receive testimonials everyday about how well No Mo “O” works!

I guess the real hero in all of this is my dad, Alton, whose incontinence caused me to develop No Mo “O”. Incontinence is a very real and universal issue. Why do we feel embarrassed of things we cannot help? No Mo “O” is our answer to providing a whimsical, yet effective solution to life’s stain and odor problems. My motto is: “Life is too short to worry about what you can’t help, fix the problem the best you can and MOVE ON!”

Through being a Shriner, my dad took many handicapped children to hospitals. He literally drove until he could not drive anymore. Before that, my father was usually the Fire Chief of the local fire departments where we lived. He and my mother were instrumental in organizing the South-side Fire Department and Ambulance Service in my hometown in Savannah, Georgia, where he served as its first Fire Chief.

My parents were always helping people any way they could. I see No Mo “O” as a continuance of them helping others. I am very proud to carry on their legacy. On behalf of my family, welcome to No Mo “O” and we hope it is your new-found solution, too!